Workplace Mental Wellbeing – Dubai Psychologist, Aamnah, Explains Why It’s Crucial

Employees’ skills and development are increasingly important in a post-Covid world, and mental health needs must be addressed to lower stress levels in the workplace

Companies need to invest in their employee’s mental wellbeing and learning development if they want to remain competitive in a post-coronavirus world where skilled employees are invaluable assets.

The pandemic last year accelerated the automation of some job categories while highlighting the importance of talent in the jobs that still needed human skills […]

Corporates need to invest in their employee’s mental health as well so that they are able to perform at their peak level and utilise their skillsets.

“Workplace stress impacts everything from our physical health to our ability to concentrate, focus, and innovate. So [workplace mental wellbeing] is crucial and during Covid-19, we were able to experience for ourselves how mental health is impacting our work and to recognise that it is a force that needs to be taken into account when looking at the future of work,” said Aamnah Husain, counselling psychologist, German Neuroscience Centre.

Nurturing employees’ pays off for the companies’ bottom lines as well, agreed the panelists. […]

The full and original article was published in Arabian Business