Working from Home? Take Care of your Back and Neck

As both adults and children enter another year of working from within the confines of their home, a lack of a proper working station has duly taken its toll on our back, neck muscles and even spine. Long hours and sedentary lifestyle had overtime created a lot of physical stress in individuals, however, with the ongoing inability to go out to gyms or exercise has made this problem even worse. But then it is not all down to maintaining a right posture throughout the day, a combination of factors like proper stress management, having some level of regular physical exercises, and proper nutrition can play an important role in preventing some of the serious side effects as we get adjusted to this new normal.

Fix your work desk

A sofa and a bed looks highly inviting but will only add to your back pain troubles. Few important fixes such as ensuring your desk height is right for you, the computer screen is at your eye level, and also investing in an ergonomic chair or keeping a soft pillow on your chair can definitely ensure your spinal health remains intact. Take care to avoid postures that sees you slouching or hunching over a computer or your laptop screen for long. You can also try setting up an adjustable standing desk to avoid aggravating other lifestyle diseases that come along with prolonged sitting.

Take that break

If possible set regular alarms and there are quite a few neck and shoulder exercises that you can practice while remaining seated. It is not only your back that needs to be taken care of but also your mental health. Try incorporating regularly meditative exercises to your work routine. You can also meditate while walking around your room. Simple breathing exercises like deep breaths can also really help you boost your productivity. Also there are many mobile apps that can assist you with guided meditation. Remember that meditation need not be over complicated or perfect.

Do get some exercise

Your nearest Gym may be closed or you may be still uncomfortable to go there, but it is highly recommended that you step out for atleast a 30 minute walk routinely. If struggling to allocate a time for your workouts, incorporate them as part of your work schedule. Online meetings and phone calls can be even arranged while taking your brisk walks. Apart from Yoga, Pilates is also considered very beneficial for relieving back pain. Also the recommended exercises to follow in this regard are the ones that focus on the core i.e your abdominal area. Bridge and Side Plank are simple core building exercise that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Include essential supplements

Calcium and Vitamin D are anyways being highly recommended to boost one’s immunity during the pandemic. However, they can also greatly help with the overall wellbeing of your muscle joints. Keep away as much as you can from processed sugars and carbs. Ensure your kitchen is well stacked with healthy go-to snacks and meals.