• Update on Ramadan or Fasting Headache

    Don’t let fasting-related headaches bother you

    Khaleej Times | Dubai | Kelly Clarke | June 11, 2016

    For Dr H.A. Jacobs, neurologist at the German Neuroscience Centre in Dubai, her patient list always sees an increase at this time of the year.

    Speaking to Khaleej Times, she says migraine patients are “most at risk” to attacks during Ramadan because they are sensitive to changes in routine, but she regularly treats people suffering from headaches too, specifically tension headaches…. Read the full article here or on Khaleej Times Online

    headache ramadan fasting dubai UAE

    The article was originally published in Khaleej Times


    Migraine Headache – German Neuroscience Center Dubai

    Are you suffering from headaches? You are not alone! Headache is a widespread disease and one of the most common reasons to visit a neurologist. It occurs in different types and strengths and can impair the quality of living substantially. It is possible to do something against it.

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