Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve StimulationTranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy is a FDA approved, commonly used method in up-to-date pain management. It’s used for many forms of acute and chronic pain. Two electrodes are place on the skin and connected to a unit. The unit generates electricity and passes it truth the electrode in the affected area of the body. There are different theories how TENS works. Some suggest that the electricity inhibits interneurons, nerve cells transmitting pain sensations. Others suggest that it has a similar effect as acupuncture. Moreover it is discussed that TENS triggers the release of opiates and thus reducing the pain. By controlling the electrical pulse rate, pulse width, pulse wave the specific pain nerves are targeted. The intensity depends on the patient it should be strong but not painful itself.

By breaking the vicious circle – pain – muscle spasm – impaired movement and posture – pain – TENS reliefs the most common forms of pain. It is easy to apply and shows fast results.