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    Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback is psycho- physiological measurement (Heart Rate-ECG, Blood Pressure, and Respiration) to diagnose autonomic regulation, stress resistance, cardiovascular health, and vitality in persons. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) means changes in the interval or distance between one beat of the heart and the next. The interbeat interval (IBI) is the time between one R-wave (or heart beat) and the next, in milliseconds. The IBI is highly variable within any given time period. HRV is analyzed in two ways, either over time (Time Domain) or in terms of the frequency of changes in Heart Rate (Frequency Domain).

    HRV biofeedback training is a special technique for training individuals to change their variability as well as dominant heart rhythms in cardiovascular activity in order to increase their vitality and health. HRV biofeedback is applied to a variety of medical and psychiatric conditions such as: anger, anxiety disorders, stress disorder, depression, asthma, cardiovascular problems, or chronic fatigue. Biofeedback training suites for individuals who would like to increase the percentage of total HRV (vitality) by proper breathing exercises in order to adjust their “resonant frequency” and, thus, generate autonomic balance of the nervous system between sympathetic and parasympathetic tone.

    Each individual has a “resonant frequency” at which heart rate variability is the greatest and the most vital for their organism. This “resonant frequency” is measured by HRV biofeedback instruments and it is a training of the heart rhythm by respiration called Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA). This “resonant frequency” is mostly produced by persons in a relaxed mental state, with a positive emotional stage, and especially by diaphragmatic breathing at a rate of about 5-7 breaths per minute. Thus, individuals in HRV biofeedback training are directly taught to increasing their HRV parameters and, consequently, improve their mental health, vitality, autonomic balance.

    Neurofeedback – also called EEG-Biofeedback – is a scientifically proven computer-aided brain training to improve certain functions of the brain. Patients learn to change their own brain waves to enhance certain skills, such as concentration, memory, top performance, creativity, relaxation, etc. At the German Neuroscience Center Dubai, we are offering the highest quality Neurofeedback treatment with the leading Neurofeedback experts in the region.

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  • Background

    Knowing from long years of experience that neurological or psychiatric illnesses are very often considered to be better not mentioned or talked about, we would nonetheless like to introduce you briefly to the world of neurology and psychiatry. There are no other medical sciences that have achieved more progress and improvement over the past decades than these. Especially the “Decade of the brain” led to a definite change for the better in diagnostics and therapies. Today we can offer a wide range of modern diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities for nearly all psychiatric and neurological disorders. Yet, when it comes to neurological deficits or mental illness there are still many prejudices and unnecessary fears prevalent.

    Whereas usually everybody accepts the fact that illness is normal and happens to everyone from time to time, normal illnesses are most often considered to be solely physical such as a broken leg, colds, diarrhoea or similar. Diabetes mellitus is as normal an illness as is backache or headache.

    Illnesses of the brain, the psyche or neurological deficiencies are also as normal as any other illnesses and moreover, they are not only very common but on the increase. Their patterns may sometimes be worrying or frightening but this is largely due to a huge lack of information in general public.

    According to the study “The Global Burden of disease” carried out by the WHO (World Health Organization) depression for instance is the most important disease of all, more important even than diseases of the heart, asthma or cancer. And yet, the majority of people suffering from depression do not seek professional help or are not treated sufficiently. We should therefore not only like to contribute to health education but we offer practical help and assistance to everyone suffering from or fearing psychiatric and/or neurological disorders.

    Since more than 10 years GNC is the leading Neurology Clinic in Dubai, with the best Psychiatrists in Dubai, Psychologists in Dubai, and psychotherapy in Dubai, UAE.

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