Bipolar Patient launches free Support Group with the help of award-winning Psychiatrist, Prof Dr Wolfgang Maier, at the German Neuroscience Center Dubai.

A new support group is being launched in Dubai to help people who have Bipolar disorder. One female resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, approached the clinic in a bid to give others somewhere to share their struggles and discuss their experiences. The support group will be attended by psychiatrist Professor Wolfgang Maier, one of Europe’s most eminent experts in the field.

The 36-year-old sufferer explains: “I first realised that I had a mental health disorder after one of my children were born, and I felt like I was losing my grasp on the world around me. Initially, Bipolar had a hugely negative impact on my personal and professional life, isolating me from colleagues, friends, and family. Slowly, I have beat the condition and rebuilt my life with the right treatment and by surrounding myself with positivity. Now, my aim is to show other people in the same situation that they can do the same.”

Professor Maier, a psychiatrist at the German Neuroscience Center explains: “Bipolar is a brain disorder that causes dramatic shifts in mood, energy and activity levels, making it difficult to deal with everyday life. It is very challenging, and it often goes undiagnosed or untreated making it harder to control. As well as establishing the right diagnosis and treatment, talking to people in the same situation can be very beneficial. There seems to be an especially high propensity of Bipolar in the region, yet there is a lack of support groups available, so we hope this will provide somewhere safe and informal for people to address their feelings”.

The free Bipolar support group is being held at the German Neuroscience Center in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Contact or call 044298578 to confirm your attendance.