Treatment for Nerve Problems in Dubai

The nervous system is an intricate system in the body that controls a wide array of bodily functions, including regulating breathing, muscle control as well as sensing both heat and cold. This system consists of autonomic, sensory, and motor nerves as the primary category of nerves controlling specific functions and activities.

While the autonomic nerves mainly control the involuntary activities of the body, the motor and sensory nerves control normal movement and sense any variations in the external stimuli, respectively. Due to how integral the nervous system is in the wide range of important activities it oversees, any considerable damage of the system could result in a significant change in the quality of life one leads.

What It Means to Have Nerve Problems

‘Nerve problems’ is just a general term that directly refers to any significant injury to the nerves, thereby resulting in both pain and nerve damage. Another term that may be used to explain nerve problems as a whole is peripheral neuropathy, which also basically explains a situation where the nerves, and thus the function they carry out are severely compromised paving the way to the rise of various symptoms in the process. Since, however, there are different classes of nerves, the symptoms may vary with the type of nerves affected in the process, and according to where they are located in the body.

When any of the above classes of nerves are affected, the symptoms may vary from being constipated, having bladder and sexual dysfunction, the onset of paralysis, pain, and numbness to name a few. Nerve damage and pain or peripheral neuropathy can occur as a result of different things, namely:

  • Cancer
  • Trauma
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Infections and diseases
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Side effects due to drugs

These are just a few of the causes of nerve problems, and anyone of them can bring forth any undesirable circumstances due to nervous system failure.

Exceptional Treatment of Nerve Problems in Dubai

Dubai is at the center of medical technology advancements, which means that there is no better place to seek and get treatment for all the wide range of nerve problems and complications in existent today. Due to the severity of nerve problems due to the onset of health conditions like cancer, diabetes, and the like, you only need health services that meet the desired high standards where these conditions are concerned.

Specialists and Experts

At German Neuroscience Clinic in Dubai, our specialists in the area of neurology have an enduring track record in terms of many years of practical experience, which only hails the extensive benefits of seeking medical advice from our clinic. The German Neuroscience Clinic also has its own track record that goes for more than 10 years treating various nerve problems.


When it comes to getting a diagnosis, the highly acclaimed neurology experts at GNC have all the cutting edge medical tools to help with this specifically. Getting a diagnosis where nerve problems and complications are concerned means using various techniques like Nerve Conduction Velocity to find which nerves in the body are the ones affected before the preferable treatment can be sought.

Getting Treatment

Once a conclusive diagnosis has been reached, the appropriate treatment is usually accorded depending on the type of nerve complications at hand. At GNC, this means that conservative treatment options are usually tried first before any invasive options are explored. This can take the shape of physiotherapy or various lifestyle changes.