Travelling Anxiety in Times of COVID19 – Dubai Psychologist, Aamnah, explains how to cope in Time Out Magazine

WORLDWIDE RESTRICTIONS ON travel between countries means that getting on a plane looks very different now to how it did at the beginning of the year.

And that change, may leave some kids feeling anxious.

“It is understandable and natural to experience some fear about travel at the moment, given the nature of the pandemic. However, you can take some measures to combat or manage this fear,” says Aamnah Husain, a psychologist at the German Neuroscience Center.

Husain explains that it’s important to be clear about the motivation or necessity of the travel.

“When we go into surgery, we know that there is a risk involved, but having certainty that the surgery is worthwhile or necessary can help us focus on the benefit and reach acceptance,” Husain says.

“Similarly, clarity about your reasons for traveling and reminding yourself of this motivation may help you when you are feeling fearful.”

One of the hallmarks of anxiety is thinking ‘what if” and the anxious mind can generate a seemingly uncontrollable and unending stream of possible future scenarios that may be threatening. So, the actual threat is compounded by these many imagined outcomes, raising our anxiety.

The full and original article was published in Time Out Magazine