The one back pain relief you may not want to hear – but that really works

The internet is full of great tips how to relief back pain and they are most probably all quite ok. But you heard them over and over and nothing seems to work for you. Why not try something different? Stop smoking. Ok, that’s not a particular new advice as well. But here is why it works:

Smoking increases the risk of back pain by 300%

If this fact is not enough, here the scientific explanation why smoking causes back pain

1. Blood flow: Smoking reduces the blood flow to the spinal region. Thus it’s causing degenerative processes at the spine. It is making the back vulnerable to injury and it’s reducing the flow of nutrients to joints and muscles.

2. Bone Healing: Smoking disables the bone healing process. Nicotine is directly deactivating osteoblasts (cells building bone tissue). This can lead to osteoporosis as well.

3. Brain Changes: Smoking changes parts of the brain so you are more sensitive to pain in general, to back pain in specific. The part of the brain is called “corticostriatal circuit” and it is involved in addictive behaviour and motivated learning

Well, even if you don’t want to hear it. You have to stop smoking if you serious about your back pain. It’s not the last thing you should try, it’s the first thing you have to change. Even if you don’t get rid of your back pain by quitting alone, it is necessary so other treatments can work.

Think about this:

Why would you consider an elective spine surgery if you are harming the bone healing system that’s necessary to recover from surgery?

If you really want to get rid of back pain, why are you continuing a habit that makes you more sensitive to pain?

What else?

About other positive effects of quitting like reducing the risk to die from a stroke or heart attack (most common reason of death) you may have heard before.

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