The Injection That Offers More To Health Than Face Value

UAE’s doctors turn to Botox to treat more and more medical conditions. The toxin is now widely used by medics to manage everything from muscle spasms to bladder complaints.

It is the cosmetic procedure that has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks – and there is more to Botox than there might appear on the face of it. […]

Dubai surgeons said Botox, or botulinum toxin, is the most popular non-invasive treatment of choice to smooth out wrinkles and restore a youthful look. But doctors are increasingly using the toxin to treat patients with wide ranging health complaints from migraines to muscle disorders and bladder complaints. […]

Common abnormalities of the nervous system that can cause the condition are Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, dementia, diabetes, spinal cord abnormalities, pelvic trauma or a drop in oestrogen levels in women due to menopause.

Patients are offered the Botox treatments if other more traditional remedies or medications have failed, and are in and out of hospital on the same day. Botox injections cost, on average, Dh1,500 and are also used to treat chronic neurological conditions, neck pain, muscle cramps, twitching eyelids or even excessive sweating at clinics in Dubai. […]

Botox is used by doctors at the Dubai German Neuroscience Centre on patients when conventional medications have failed, or if they have suffered adverse side effects.

Neurologist Dr Manio Maravic said most patients are unaware of the wider medical applications of Botox.

“Many are assuming Botox is used only for cosmetic treatments, but it is particularly useful for pain management in patients with advanced migraines,” he said.

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