Sleep Duration Affects Life Satisfaction

German researcher found out that people sleep one hour too less to achieve maximal life satisfaction. On a normal weekday people sleep 7 hours per night on average. People sleeping one hour more (8 hours per night) are more satisfied in life.

The study was recently released in the Journal of International Review of Economics.

The authors of the study say: “Sleep is a very important part of our lives.  It provides restoration, renewing energy levels, and as burgeoning medical research investigates helps the brain support and promote mental health.”

“Despite this importance, little is known about life satisfaction and sleep duration. Using German panel data, it is shown that sleep is an important factor for life satisfaction and, furthermore, that maximal life satisfaction is associated with about 8 h of sleep on a typical weekday.”

Resources: DIW Berlin

Sleep Disorders – Insomnia – Dubai

Living in Dubai and suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders? We show you how to have a better sleep. But be aware, its actual work! Every third person in the UAE has at least once suffered from sleep disorders. A healthy sleep is essential for our physical and mental well being.