Risk of Seizures and Epilepsy in Autism almost 20% – New Study

At the 68th annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) a new study to quantify the risks of Seizure in Autism was presented. “Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are known to have increased rates of epilepsy. Reported rates across all subtypes vary widely,” wrote Jennifer Jaskiewicz, DO, from Bethesda, Maryland, and colleagues.

The Study

In this huge study the US researchers included data of 48,762 patients aged 0 to 18 years suffering from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). 243,810 healthy individuals were included as a control group.

The Results

19% of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) had some kind of seizure or epilepsy.

The Conclusion

“This study helps to quantify the percentage of autistic patients with seizures, and different seizure types. Rates of epilepsy in children with autism are vastly increased in a wide variety of seizure types, known to have different etiologies, genetic and otherwise.” The authors of the study say.


Epilepsy, Seizures, Convulsions – All The Facts – GNC Dubai

Epilepsy, Convulsions, seizures or fits are some of the most common neurologic disorders, with an annual incidence of 35 to 52 cases per 100,000 persons. It is a central nervous system disorder that affects the nerve cell activity in the brain characterized by the presence of recurrent, unprovoked seizures.


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