Re:Set x Tania’s Teahouse – Wellness Week Men, Mental Health and Masculinity

If you look at popular culture, men have traditionally been portrayed as stoic, strong and in the role of  the “breadwinner.” It’s ingrained in them from the beginning that their emotions shouldn’t be expressed and subsequently instills that their feelings don’t matter leading to the potential discouragement of processing their emotions which can later be hard to deal with as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

We are breaking the barriers around men’s mental health one step at a time. This time around, we’re hosting a Re:Set Dialogue at Tania’s Teahouse for Wellness Week discussing the stigma and taboos attached to men and vulnerability. Join us for a cup of tea as we have an honest and transparent conversation led by an engaging panel. The venue is wheelchair accessible and the hashtag to follow the conversation on socials will be #ReSetDialogues. The panel will be around 40 minutes after which we will open the floor to the audience to offer their thoughts and ask questions.


A seasoned mental health professional, Ayukta Thakur is the co-founder of Integreat Center for Young Adults with Special Needs and board member of the Special Olympics UAE organizing committee. She will be moderating this Re:Set Dialogue and facilitating the conversation with the audience as well.


Harry Horgan is a UK-trained clinical psychologist at the German Neuroscience Center, Dubai and has deep experience in helping those struggling with a myriad of mental health challenges including anxiety, depression as well as difficulties regulating and managing emotions. Dr. Horgan will offer his perspective, both as a professional and as a man, on the taboos that surround men’s mental health and how we can dispel the stigma.

Ross Barfoot is a lawyer by day and a passionate mental health advocate. Ross co-founded the Louis Smith Foundation in memory of his son who took his own life. The foundation aims to support those struggling with mental health challenges as well as trying to reduce the stigma around mental health, depression and suicide. At Re:Set Dialogues, Ross will reflect on his own experiences of dealing with mental health challenges, especially in the capacity of a father and husband, and will explore the intersection between manhood and mental health.

Arif Afzal is a marketing specialist and film writer. Arif turned his mental health journey into a short film “Nazah” (agony) to help him better understand his battle with depression. Arif will offer his perspective on mental health for men of colour, the case for embracing vulnerability and why we need to Re:Set the conversation around masculinity.

When & Where

Tania’s Teahouse, Dubai

• Monday 27th Jan 2020, 7pm