Researchers Found The Center For Happiness In The Brain

What is happiness? That’s a good question. We all want to be happy but we don’t know exactly what it is. Researchers found out that it is not only a feeling. They could find a specific area in the brain that seems to be the equivalent of happiness. The area is called precuneus and it was revealed that the happier people are the bigger the grey matter mass in the precuneus was.

Precuneus animation small.gif

To identify this area the researchers used MRI studies. Compared to the psychological testing’s such as questionnaires this is an objective way to measure happiness. This could be great advantage to evaluate and develop future treatments for depression.

“Several studies have shown that meditation increases grey matter mass in the precuneus. This new insight on where happiness happens in the brain will be useful for developing happiness programs based on scientific research,” The lead author of the study said.

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