Polysomnography (Sleep analysis) now in GNC

Sleep Disorders require a specialized diagnostic procedure and effective treatment. Dr. Marquardt made the best of her time in Germany and prepared everything for introducing Polysomnography  (Sleep analysis) as a new topic to GNC’s medical services.

She will bring with her all the necessary technical devices and up-to-date expertise.  In carrying out the  sleep studies, she will be assisted by Ms Soraya, our Arabic speaking Bachelor of Neurophysiology, who also has longstanding experience with Polysomnography as well as all neurophysiological procedures.

Sleep studies are of essential importance for all those (even children) suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia (problems with initiating and maintaining sleep, snoring, sleeplessness, disturbed rhythm of sleep, somnambulism, etc.), since the various forms of sleep disorders may indicate some serious illness such as narcolepsy, an epilepsy related disease or respiratory failures during sleep such as sleep apnea. On the other hand, stress related or other psychiatric disturbances may cause sleep disorders or vice versa, just as inappropriate bedding.

For all these reasons it is of the utmost importance to analyze sleep and sleeping customs thoroughly  in order to determine by aid of the neurologist the individually correct diagnosis and ensuing possibilities of treatment.

The sole application of sleeping drugs does not represent an ideal solution but may even be dangerous because it could lead to dependencies as unwanted side-effect.

Other methods, such as relaxation techniques or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) will lead to sustained changes of habit and improvement of the sleep.

Close cooperation with ENT-Clinics even enables us to diagnose potentially life-threatening cases and together find the suitable kind of therapy such as CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) or oxygen application.