People with migraine are smarter than “normal” people – new study says

You thought there is absolutely nothing positive about having migraine headache? Well, science says something different…

Researcher from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam released a study analyzing the link between cognition and migraine. The study included 6708 participants (non-migraineurs: 5399, migraineurs: 1021, probable migraineurs: 288). Migraine was assessed by a validated questionaere. Cognition was assessed by a dedicated test battery including the MMSE (Mini Mental State Examination).

Migraine is associated with better cognition

Migraineurs performed better in the MMSE, executive function, fine motor skills and global cognition. Suprisingly people suffering from migraine with aura had the best test results.

The study showed a link between migraine and cognition but didn’t explain the cause. Therefore future research is needed to understand why people with migraine show improved cognition.

Reference: Wiley



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