• Multiple Sclerosis (MS) risk increased by Vit D deficiency during pregnancy

    Surprising study from Finland: Not only Vit D deficiency in adulthood is associated with an increased Multiple Sclerosis risk. Children of mothers suffering from vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy might have 2-fold increased risk of Multiple sclerosis (MS), too.

    What We Know So Far

    Many studies in the past showed the link between Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis. More info her:

    Multiple Sclerosis in UAE | Too Less Sun?


    The New Study

    Researcher from Finland conducted a study to investigate the effect of maternal vit D deficiency. They included 193 individuals with a diagnosis of MS and had a look if their mothers had vit D deficiency during pregnancy or not. 163 were female. The control group included 331 healthy individuals.

    The Results

    The researchers could associate the risk of MS with maternal vit D levels during early pregnancy.

    “Maternal vitamin D deficiency (25[OH]D levels <12.02 ng/mL) during early pregnancy was associated with a nearly 2-fold increased risk of MS in the offspring compared with women who did not have deficient 25(OH)D levels.”

    The study was published in the journal JAMA Neurology on March 07, 2016


    This study supports the important role of vit D in MS. However, more data is necessary to give recommendations about vit D supplementation during pregnancy.

    More Information about Multiple Sclerosis

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    JAMA Neurology



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