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German Senior Consultant in Neurology and Psychiatry – Dr. med Irene Klyk – specialized in Dementia, Depression, Parkinson’s disease, MS and Epilepsy – answers a patient’s question regarding Migraine. ‘Ask Your Doctor’ is a GNC Facebook initiative that gives our fans the possibility to get their questions answered by our professionals; for free.

Dear Doctor,

I think I am suffering from migraine. This year I already had three heavy headache attacks with dizziness and nausea each lasting for two days minimum. It really has a deep impact on my live. While having an attack I am almost not able to take care of my small children. Are there any chances of complete recovery?



Dear Sarah,

This sounds like you are suffering from migraine. Actually, you describe a migraine attack pretty well. Migraine attacks are often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and sensitivity to light, sound and smell. They may last for hours to days – the frequency varies from person to person. You may notice subtle changes like depression, constipation, neck stiffness and food cravings some days before a migraine starts. Maybe you already discovered some triggers like certain foods, drinks, hormonal changes, stress, medications and so on.

Good News – The chances for recovery are very high. 90% of migraine patients can be cured by a combination of medication and alternative therapies like Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Massage Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and herbs, vitamins and minerals. Therefore a cooperation between patient and Neurologist it is very important in order to get the best results.

Neurologists are trained in evaluation and treating headaches. We see often patients suffering from headaches for a long time because they are not sufficiently treated by a specialist.

However, before you start the medication you need a comprehensive examination by a specialist to be sure that the diagnosis is correct and that your headaches are not caused by other disease.

Best wishes!

Dr. Irene Klyk

*Names are changed due to confidentiality reasons

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