Major Teen Issues in Dubai

Khaleej Times | Ankita Chaturved | Dubai |Oct 9, 2016 |Like any other teenager, 17-year-old Laila is struggling with a major identity crisis. She has had a tough time going to school and facing crowds.

“We were new in Dubai and I always have this feeling that I don’t belong to this place. I used to sit at home for the whole day and even refused to go to school for months,” Laila told Khaleej Times.

On this World Mental Health Day tomorrow (October 10), the German Neuroscience Centre has launched a support groups for teenagers in the UAE.

The group held its first meeting on October 6, providing a confidential environment for teens to vent out their feelings and discuss issues that affect their mental health and well-being.


Nur, a Grade 12 student, confessed to be a complete rebel till few months back. But after a couple of sessions with a psychologist, he said he is able to change his behaviour.

“I used to get aggressive easily and hardly used to step out of my home. But now I go out and try to spend quality time with my mother. I feel happy now,” said Nur.

Are teen issues rightly dealt with?

Parents, guardians and teachers play a vital role in shaping a child’s personality, nature and character. According to Dr Fadwa L. Lkorchy, a psychologist and personality dimension trainer who will be part of the support sessions, communication and patience is key to dealing with teen issues.

“It is important to understand their problems. First, for example, what exactly they are going through. Second step is to comfort them and assure them so that they can confide in you completely or can discuss openly about their problems. Aggression or getting rude with them can make it difficult for you to deal with the issue,” she said.

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Fadwa L. Lkorchy – Psychologist in Dubai

Psychologist & Developmental Psychologist Personality Dimensions Trainer Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach Licensed hypnosis therapist Professional trainer Member of the American Psychological Association Member of the Arab Psychological Association Fadwa Lkorchy is an American board certified psychologist living and working in Dubai.