Job strain may increase stroke risk by 24%

 People having a stressful job are more likely to suffer from stroke according to a new study. Job strain is already known to increase the risk of heart attacks. The link to stroke is new but not really surprising.

Researchers at the University College London reviewed 14 studies from Europe which included 196,380 males and females and recorded 2,023 first-time stroke events. The risk of ischemic stroke was about 24% higher for people in the job strain group than for the others.


What is job strain?

Job strain is the combination of a demanding job and little control over the work environments. This uncontrollable situation is causing stress for the individual. 13 to 22% of people included in the studies were affected

Further research is needed to explain the link between job strain and stroke. Besides stress, genetic components, high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and family history of stroke are all important risk factors.

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