Psychologist Jared on DubaiEye Radio – talking SLEEP DISORDER!

Ray Addison is joined by Dubai Psychologist Jared Alden and we are talking SLEEP!

Sleep Disorders, Insomnia

Living in Dubai and suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders? We show you how to have a better sleep. But be aware, its actual work!

Every third person in the UAE has at least once suffered from sleep disorders. A healthy sleep is essential for our physical and mental well being. It allows to regenerate the body and to deal with events and emotions endured during the day. But how long does a person need to sleep? Indeed there is no general valid sleep time. Each organism has a biological rhythm thus some are ‘early sleeper’ or ‘late sleeper’. The need of sleep differs according to the person, its age and sleep behavior. However, generally speaking, a person requires 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to feel rested. read more