Hollywood Star Melanie Griffith Reveals Epilepsy Diagnosis

Many famous people suffered from Epilepsy. Napoleon, Theodore Roosevelt, Elton John, Danny Glover, Neil Young, Prince and many more. Now Melanie Griffith speaks up about her serious health condition.

Here the video published on People

Most people with Epilepsy can become seizure- or fit-free by taking one anti-seizure medication, called anti-epileptic medication.
The treatment of Epilepsy involves first the establishment of the correct diagnosis and the identification of the syndrome/seizure type. In the second step the Neurologist will determine if medication is necessary and the last step will be to select the right medication. The selection of the right medication is very complex and needs to be individualized on the basis of the type of Epilepsy, patient characteristics and coexisting medical and psychiatric conditions.
However, due to the drug development of recent years there are very efficient possibilities to treat patients with Epilepsy so effectively that the majority can lead an entirely normal life without any seizures or convulsions at all. In severe cases neurosurgical interference may offer help.

Epilepsy, Seizures, Convulsions – All The Facts – GNC Dubai

Epilepsy, Convulsions, seizures or fits are some of the most common neurologic disorders, with an annual incidence of 35 to 52 cases per 100,000 persons. It is a central nervous system disorder that affects the nerve cell activity in the brain characterized by the presence of recurrent, unprovoked seizures.