Drug-Free Electrical Stimulation Eases Migraine Headaches

Pain-free electrical stimulation seems to be a new effective drug-free treatment for migraine headaches – without any side effects.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine is one of the most frequent neurological diseases. Around the world about 10 percent of the adults are suffering of migraine, more women than men. The difference between the genders has most likely hormonal and genetic reasons, neurologists assume. Typically, it starts in adolescence. After the 50th year the frequency declines again.

Migraines can impair the quality of living substantially. Current treatment options include pharmacological and non-pharmacological options. More here

The New Device

The company Theranica developed a wireless armband which applies electrical stimulation to the arm. It can be controlled via a smart phone and is pain free. The developers say “You can use skin stimulation at an intensity which is not painful and be able to stop or substantially diminish the development of a migraine attack, as long as you do it early enough in the migraine attack,”. “There are no side effects,”. “You feel a tingle in your upper arm.”


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The New study

Recently a new study was published in the journal Neurology. 71 patients were included in the prospective, double-blinded, randomized, crossover, sham-controlled study. Migraineurs used the devise at the beginning of an attack for 20 minutes without any medication.

The Findings

50% pain reduction was obtained for 64% of patients. The earlier the devise was used, the better the results. No side effects were reported.


Electrical stimulation of the arm seems a new promising drug-free treatment for migraines. However, the study size was small and the effect moderate. The devise still needs to get the FDA approval before it will be available on the market.


Reference: Neurology

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Are you suffering from headaches? You are not alone! Headache is a widespread disease and one of the most common reasons to visit a neurologist. It occurs in different types and strengths and can impair the quality of living substantially. It is possible to do something against it.