Prof. Dr. Peter Rieckmann (German Board Certified)

Neurologist (German Board)
Neurologist (DHA, DHCC, DOH)
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Canada (FRCPC)
Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology (FAAN)
Fellow oft he European Academy of Neurology (FEAN)

  • Profile

    Prof. Rieckmann is a leading German Neurologist with over 25 years professional clinical experience in Germany, Canada and the Gulf region. He has an excellent track record both treating patients with neurological diseases as well as an outstanding clinician scientist.

    Prof. Rieckmann is board certified in Germany, Canada and UAE. He received his degree in medicine from the university of Göttingen (Germany) and graduated with distinction. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institues of Health (NIH) in the US, he completed his training in neurology at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in London (UK) and the University of Göttingen. He became senior consultant in Neurology as well as clinical research group leader at the University of Würzburg (Germany).

    Supported by his passionate care for patients with neurological diseases and based on his successful research work as a clinician scientist he became the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Research Chair in Vancouver, where he developed innovative treatment strategies and teaching concepts for patient engagement.

    After his return to Germany Prof. Rieckmann has worked as head of the department of neurology at the academic teaching hospital in Bamberg and recently established the first German center for clinical neuroplasticity at Medical Park in Bavaria. He has over 250 scientific papers to his account.

    Prof. Rieckmann has academic affiliation with the university of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and the university of Erlangen, Germany. He enjoys teaching neurology at various academic institutions across the globe and received several awards for his research, lecture activity and patient engagement. Prof. Rieckmann‘ breath of experience in the whole spectrum of neurological diseases is supported by his continuous acute care inpatient service, busy outpatients clinics and neurorehabilitation counselling.

    He has particular experience in assessing and treating patient with the following neurological conditions:

    – Multiple sclerosis and related disorders
    – Stroke and other neurovascular diseases
    – Epilepsies
    – Parkinson disease and other movement disorders
    – Headache
    – Chronic pain (including back pain and neuropathic pain)
    – Neuromuscular diseases
    – Immunological diseases of the nervous system
    – Infectious diseases of the central nervous system
    – Brain tumors and other aspects of neurooncology
    – Dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases
    – Neurorehabilitation and clinical neuroplasticity
    – Sport neurology
    – Neurological diseases in musician

    Prof Rieckmann is actively involved in planning and conducting international clinical trials to constantly improve the clinical condition for patients with multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain tumors, chronic pain and Parkinson disease.

    In his leisure time Prof. Rieckmann enjoys life with his family, playing piano, swimming or hiking in the mountains and cooking.

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