Jayshree Kannigadoo (CDA licensed)

Psychologist (CDA)

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    Jayshree is a CDA licensed Psychologist with multiple years of professional experience in treating a wide range of psychological diseases. One of her special interests and field of expertise is psychometric testing. She conducts a variety of cognitive and behavioural assessments for both adults and children, with diverse medical and psychological conditions and for a multitude of purposes, including but not limited to diagnostics and treatment, academic and career recommendations, educational support determination and school admission.

    She moved to India after she received a scholarship for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She then pursued a Master of Arts in Psychology from Banaras Hindu University which is the second largest residential university in Asia. She is pursuing a PhD in Psychology presently from Delhi University and her area of interest is Psychotraumalogy and Mindfulness-Based program for children with neurodevelopment disorders.

    She has substantial experience as a student counselor and  Behavior Therapist providing early intervention services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and/or behavioural challenges and also conducting assessments involving attentional, learning, and social-emotional difficulties. Jayshree is trilingual and can respond to client requests for assessment in English, French and Hindi.

    Her rich experience working with a diverse range of clients has taught her that people are experts in their own lives – an insight that provides inspiration as she helps them in their journey:

    “Even though each person is unique, with their own goals, we are not alone in our struggles. By realizing our strengths and learning more about ourselves and what works for us as individuals, we can grow and change.”

    In practice, she emphasizes the importance of a strengths-based approach to help children and their families capitalize on their strengths throughout their development. Her authentic, empathetic, and non-judgmental approach allows for all her clients to feel comfortable. Her major goal is to create a safe space where people feel understood as well as are able to reveal their inner struggles.

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