Dr Irene Klyk (German Board Certified)

Neurologist (DHCC, DHA)
Neurologist (German Board)

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    Dubai Neurologist and Psychiatrist

    Dubai Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Dr. Irene Klyk studied human medicine at the renowned universities of Kiel at Hamburg city and she graduated with excellent degree in 1984. Dr. Klyk went on with her education as a specialist for neurology at the the university hospital Heidelberg, Germany under the supervision of Professor Hacke (world famous neurologist). Additionally Dr. Klyk is qualified as psychiatrist from one of Germany’s largest psychiatric hospital in Wiesloch. Dr. Irene Klyk worked in a variety of sectors in both disciplines, Neurology and Psychiatry. She has profound knowledge of neurological electrophysiology (NLG, SEP, AEP), as well as in the assessment of complex EEG measurements, ultrasound examination of cerebral blood vessels and laboratory diagnostics.


    She is also experienced in conducting neuropsychological tests particularly for the diagnosis of psychiatric diseases like dementia, depression or attention-deficit/hyperactivity syndrome (ADHS). During her almost 30 years of professional experience in neurology and psychiatry Dr. Irene Klyk acquired significant experience of diagnosis and detection of the various psychiatric conditions and their treatments. She headed the department for epilepsy at the university hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, where she gained a special knowledge about various seizure disorders and their therapy. As acting Chief Physician of a neurological rehabilitation clinic in the State of Hesse she focused on issues relating to medical treatment of serious neurological diseases. For 12 years now Dr. Irene Klyk has been working in her private center, over regional accepted outpatient practice diagnosing and treating patients with both neurological and psychiatric conditions.


    In the field of neurology her daily work includes treatment of seizure disorders, Morbus Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, migraine and various headache disorders, cerebrovascular disorders as well as diseases of muscle or nervous system, like compression syndromes of nerves, neurological nerve injuries in the line of metabolic diseases (such as diabetes mellitus e.g.) or disc diseases. Due to her dual qualification she is also well experienced in the treatment of disorders in the frontier areas of neurology and psychiatry like e.g. dementias (dementia disorders), as well as treating physical symptoms caused by mental disorders like e.g. in consequence of the burn –out-syndrome. Her core competencies in the field of psychiatry include the diagnosis and treatment of depression, psychoses and ADHD/ADHS in adults. Dr. Irene Klyk has a good sense for patients with congenital mental impairments, who are in need of specialist care due to concomitant diseases, such as epileptic seizures, spasticity or behavioural disorders. In addition to her work in her private practice Dr. Irene Klyk is a certified and highly respected expert carrying out complex neurological and psychiatric expertise for courts and insurances. This background enables her to assess the state of health of a person from different perspectives and consider the whole person with the background of his life and to include all relevant aspects in the discussion of treatment. As most of the neurological and psychiatric illnesses are long-term or chronic, the sensitive contact with the patient is very important to her. Since the patient concerned has to adjust his life accordingly, a trusting relationship between doctor and patient is fundamental.


    Dr. Irene Klyk is looking forward to her new professional challenge at GNC Dubai with great interest and enthusiasm, and we at the GNC Dubai are very happy to have her in our team.

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