Depressed reluctant to seek treatment due to inadequate health cover

DUBAI: More access to psychiatric help is needed across the region, say experts, as they warn a lack of health cover for patients with severe depression serves as a barrier to treatment — especially for those under extreme financial pressure. […]

Dr. Fabian Saarloos, a clinical and health care psychologist at the German Neuroscience Center, in Dubai Healthcare City, also said more access to treatment is needed while further prevention programs need to be implemented.

“Awareness that suicide is preventable should be promoted. Efforts to reduce access to lethal means and methods of self-harm should be promoted. Institutions need to be trained in the recognition and signaling, and most importantly, intervention when confronted with suicidal people, and a protocol should be set up. A suicide-prevention programs, as suggested by WHO, should be enacted and promoted.” […]

The full originally article was published in ARAB NEWS on May 31, 2018: