COVID19 Maximum Safety Measures at our Clinics

The current COVID19 pandemic is a challenge for all of us, and only together as a community will we overcome these tough times.

As one of Dubai’s first neurological and psychiatric outpatient centers, we have been operating for over 14 years in the region. Since day one, we understood our role as serving the public by providing the highest quality medicine and ensuring patient safety.

The same applies in this unprecedented situation. Therefore, we were very strict in implementing all necessary measures and precautions from the beginning of the crisis. Currently, we are implementing phase 3 of our precaution plan. Meaning, we are putting maximum safety measures in place.

Maximum Safety Measures Ensure Uninterrupted Patient Services and Lowest Possible Risk for Patients and Staff

Even in these though times people get sick and need medical care for non-COVID19 diseases. Many of our patients have chronic diseases, are under ongoing medical treatment, are in ongoing psychotherapy, need refill prescriptions etc. The public needs medical and psychological care now more than ever.

We are 100% dedicated to providing our patients with uninterrupted services, no matter how difficult the situation might be in the future.

With the below measures, we ensure that you can access our services with the absolute highest safety. Moreover, we will be able to serve you even if you are home quarantined, in temporary isolation, or other.

Background: Reducing the Spreading of The Virus – Flattening the Curve

The COVID 19 virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. Therefore, all official guidelines and all governments and leaders of the world recommend the following basic principles to reduce the spreading of the virus:[1][2]

• Stay Home (unless unavoidable)[3][4][5]. The less people you have contact with, the smaller the possibility that you could be infected or infect others.[6]

• Social Distancing (at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone else)[7]. The further away you are from others, the smaller the possibility that you could be infected or infect others.


Maximum Safety Measures in Detail

1. Reducing Physical Patient Flow & Reducing Patient-Doctor face-to-face contacts in our Clinics

  • Why?

The less people you have contact with, the smaller the possibility that you could be infected or infect others.

  • How?

We are fully prepared to perform almost all our services online by telehealth in a safe and user-friendly way (HIPPA, GDPR, ISO compliant and certified)

Almost all services, such as consultations, psychotherapy and counselling sessions, prescription renewals etc. can be performed via online sessions, which patients can conduct from their safe home environment.

Only certain neurological procedures require patients to visit the clinic. We will reduce those procedures to the minimum and only essential, necessary procedures will be ordered by our doctors.

Those essential procedures will be performed with the minimum human contact possible. Doctors are connected via telehealth devices to avoid unnecessary close contact. Only the staff actually performing the procedure will be in contact with the patient and will wear all protection equipment.


2. Reducing Staff in our Clinics

  • Why?

The less people you have contact with, the smaller the possibility that you could be infected or infect others.

  • How?

All possible staff members are working from home or are connected via telehealth devices. In the clinic, you will be only in contact with the most essential staff.

We are spreading our staff and services evenly across all our clinics to have the minimum number of people at one time in each clinic.


3. Screen Patients and Staff with Questionnaire, Even Before Coming to The Clinic and in The Clinic again

  • Why?

To reduce the possibility that you could have contact with known COVID19 cases or even suspected cases in our clinic.

  • How?

We screen every single patient, and our staff, with a short questionnaire even before they come to our clinic, according to the latest DHA and WHO guidelines. Confirmed or even suspected cases cannot be accepted in our clinics but will receive the necessary help and guidance about where to get tested or treated, according to the guidelines.


4. Safety Distances in our Clinics

  • Why?

The further away you are from others, the smaller the possibility that you could be infected or infect others.

  • How?

You will be seated with a safe distance of 2 meters in our waiting areas. Warning signs will remind you of the safe distance.


5. Training Staff

  • Why?

Our community plays the most important role in fighting the disease and reducing the infection rate. We all have a responsibility that doesn’t end at the clinic door. Educated and responsible behavior in private life’s is essential as well.

  • How?

We are providing private transport for all staff members to avoid the metro and other public transport.

All staff members are trained and committed to avoid any situation in their professional and private life that could be defined as a risk, such as gatherings, malls, crowded places etc.


6. Following Guidelines

  • Why?

The COVID19 pandemic is a very fast evolving situation. Health organizations and governments of the world are working closely together to gather information and develop guidelines and policies to give guidance based on best possible data.

  • How?

We review all official guidelines (national and international) multiple times daily, update our policies accordingly and put new measures in place. We follow every official guideline, including a strict hygiene policy, disinfection policy, and we encourage you to use our hand sanitizers upon arrival in the clinic.[8][9][10][11][12]


We are aware that those are drastic measures and we understand that some people still see the situation as not so urgent. However, we have made the decision to put the safety of our patients and staff above everything else.

We are proud of our staff, who are following all guidelines very strictly in their professional and private life, and we are moved by the compliments and support we receive from our patients.

This challenge can only be overcome if we all are doing the best we can as a community. Every single person plays an important role and we all depend on each other. We as a team are committed more than ever to do everything in our hands to continue our services and keep you safe.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Please feel free to contact us for your next appointment or further questions:

  • +971 (0)4 4298 578



Your GNC Team