COVID-19: How to Raise Resilient Children – Dubai Psychologist, Kim Henderson, in Gulf News

From offering emotional support to problem-solving aid, here’s a practical guide

It’s okay to not be okay – sometimes. But there’s a coveted human ability to bounce back that we all have called resilience that can be nurtured and grown over time. We asked the experts for tips on how to raise a resilient kid, someone who can deal with adversity with strength and come out the other side of any issue stronger. Here’s what they said. […]

Teach problem-solving skills: These skills are the foundation of resilience, explains Kim Henderson, Clinical Psychologist at German Neuroscience Center. “Try this simple switch to promote better ‘next step’ thinking. For example, If your child left their jumper at school and you ask, ‘why?’ the most likely response is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Oops’. Instead, say, ‘You’ve left your jumper at school, what happens if you can’t find it tomorrow? What will you do?’ They might try and think about asking the teacher, or asking the cleaner if they have seen it. Help them walk through this problem together.” […]

The full and original article was published in Gulf News