Couples Not Communicating Enough, Warn Experts – Dubai Psychologist, Aamnah Hussain, feat. in Gulf News

April may be celebrated as the Couple Appreciation Month in some parts of the world, but communication, let alone appreciation, between spouses in the UAE is on the decline, experts have warned.

According to them, couples in long-term relationships are the hardest hit as the growing responsibilities they shoulder and the tedious routines they fall into leave little time or inclination for mutual admiration, regard or romance […]

Aamnah Hussain, psychologist at the German Neuroscience Centre, said, “Breakdown of communication can start from the very beginning of a relationship.

If not altered, it can worsen over time. Also, if the behaviours, decisions or actions of one partner have really hurt the other partner, then we often see each go into defensive patterns and communication over the smallest of interactions can become filled with irritation and blame.”

Hussain said, “Appreciation between couples is extremely important and often easily overlooked. If you look at the research by the Gottman Institute, you will find that showing admiration and appreciation for your partner increases the “emotional bank account” or goodwill in the relationship, which improves the quality of relationship, enhances sense of well-being for partners and buffers them from the negative effects of the inevitable conflicts that exist in all relationships.”


1. Take out every day to talk about your day, concerns, or how you are feeling with your partner. Make date nights/dinners a priority

2. Pay close attention to your partner’s body language. It will help you understand his or her mood and emotions

3. Listen to your partner attentively when he/she speaks. This will encourage more open and deep conversations

4. Get away from it all and travel even if it’s for a short break.

5. Above all, appreciate each other more […]

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