Coffee May Lower Your Risk Of Dying From Illnesses Like Stroke And Heart Disease

Finally something that we all love is good for our health as well. Coffee may lower your risk of dying from illnesses like stroke and heart disease. Interestingly the results are the same for decaf and caffeinated coffee.

2 huge studies observed in total 7000,000 people over a period of 16 years. Both Studies were published in journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

People who drank coffee had a lower risk of dying from diseases like stroke, heart disease, cancer, digestive diseases and kidney diseases, compared to people who didn’t consume coffee at all.

Considering the study size and time period this is a very strong link between coffee consumption and lower risk of dying early. However, it is still unknown how exactly coffee influences the diseases itself. Therefore, future research is needed on the topic. We are having a coffee now and looking forward to it.


Reference: Annals of Internal Medicine (Study1, Study2)