Car seats: Are they important? – Neurologist, Dr. Ramberg speaks to Gulf News

Do you pay any attention to the car seats when deciding to buy a car? Experts will tell you that you should. In fact, that should be among your top considerations when purchasing a vehicle.

Seats are as important as the engine, particularly if you are driving a fast car. A good seat helps improve safety, makes us better drivers and can even increase a car’s fuel efficiency, say experts.

Whether buyers take car seats seriously or not, manufacturers are certainly doing so. It’s not just cushion, fabric and leather that goes into making a car seat. Seat making has become a specialised field now, with automakers contracting dedicated firms, such as Adient, Faurecia and Lear, to get the job done.

Just consider this: A typical car seat design and manufacture involves the following areas — designers, chemists, ergonomic specialists, metallurgists, artisans, biomedical and software engineers. Every one of them has a definitive role to play in the final reality of the car seat.

Having the right sitting position is very important for safety… and back comfort. In a good driving position, you can reach the pedals and steering wheel easily without moving in your seat.

– Carl-Johan Ramberg, Consultant Neurologist, German Neuroscience Centre Dubai

According to a recent study by Harvard Health Watch, a typical driver spends nearly 38,000 hours behind the wheel in a lifetime, covering some 1.2million kilometres.

Car companies know an uncomfortable perch can mean a lost sale, no matter how exceptional the car is. Rarely offered in sizes, the same seat that supports a five-foot frame must please a six-foot-four rugby player. No wonder, most carmakers these days are allocating a high chunk of their budget for seating, second only to the engine […]

The full original article was published in Gulf News