“Boyz II Men” Singer Kept Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis A Secrete For More Than 20 Years

We all remember “Boyz II Men”, one of the most famous band of the 90’s. Now a former member, Michael McCary, revealed a well-hidden secrete. He is suffering from MS, Multiple Sclerosis, and was diagnosed already 22 years ago when the band had its biggest hits.

“I have MS,” he says. “It sent me into a depression.”

The diagnosis and the depression might have been reasons why the band split up in 2003.

McCary explained how he experienced the first MS symptoms “It was like little back spasms at first, and then they would get stronger and stronger. Each time it would get more harsh.”. “Once I was about 22, it started going to full-scale.”

MS Multiple Sclerosis – German Neuroscience Center Dubai

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