Back To School Anxiety – Psychologist, Dr. Harry Horgan, in TimeOut Magazine

Help your child manage their fears – When a new term starts, it’s only natural that tensions run high, and kids can start displaying symptoms of anxiety. But it’s important not to immediately write off your child’s worries and back-to-school jitters.

With the new school year in swing, we sought the advice of three UAE-based experts in the field to help understand the point at which it’s time to escalate from a reassuring cuddle and a chat at the kitchen table. […]

What symptoms should parents look out for?

Older children and teenagers can usually talk about their experiences competently and so they can talk to their parents about experiencing fear, anxiety and worry, says clinical psychologist Dr. Harry Horgan. When it comes to younger children however, it may not be so obvious; parents should look out for a disruption to their regular life and to routines. The child may want to avoid people or places that they were comfortable with before. Younger children present anxiety in a “somatic” way or through complaints about physical symptoms, says Dr. Horgan, such as an upset stomach, headaches or talking about feeling ‘funny’ or ‘strange’. Other physical symptoms include an elevated heart rate, shallow breathing, crying and ‘butterflies’ in the stomach.

Whatever your concerns, it’s never too early to seek professional advice to help your kids manage.

The full original article was published in TimeOut