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German Senior Consultant in Neurology and Psychiatry – Dr. med H. Kollikowski – specialized in Back Pain, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression and others – answers a patient’s question regarding Back Pain. ‘Ask Your Doctor’ is a GNC Facebook initiative that gives our fans the possibility to get their questions answered by our professionals; for free.


Dear Doctor,

What can a Neurologist do if it comes to back pain? I suffer from back pain since a while. Normally some exercises relieve the pain a bit. But now this doesn’t seem to work anymore. Should I see an Orthopedic or rather a Neurologist?




Dear Samantha,

In case of back pain it is important to consult the Neurologist in order to find out if the complaints are caused by a compression of the nerves in the region of the back. Electrophysiological measurements can support to clarify if a compression of nerves is a possible reason of the pain. To validate the diagnosis than further examinations, e.g. MRI scan of the lumbar spine are required, e.g. in case of a supposed disc herniation or a stenosis/narrowing of the spinal canal. If the back pain is not mainly related to the compression of nerves other medical aspects and/or psychosomatic factors have to be considered and ruled out as a possible origin of the pain. Therefore, a good cooperation, especially with the orthopedic, pain management, psychiatric and psychological colleagues as well as the rheumatologist  is  needed. This multidisciplinary approach can often help to treat the different aspects of back pain more effectively.

All the best,

Dr. med H. Kollikowski


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