Are you sleepless in the UAE?

Lack of sleep is a huge problem in the UAE. According to recent research more than 65 per cent of people in the country don’t get enough sleep. That’s why this month’s Friday Magazine released a “Sleep Special” interviewing UAE’s sleep experts like Dr. Manio Maravic, Neurologist at the German Neuroscience Center.

The article was originally published in Gulf News | Friday Magazine | Colin Drury | 9 Jun 2017. Here a short snippet:

“There is another causation factor too, according to Dr Manio von Maravic, neurologist at the German Neuroscience Center also in Dubai Healthcare City: stress. For many people here, continuing residency is intimately linked with job security – and that can increase pressure at work.

‘The evidence is that certainly impacts on sleep here,’ says Dr von Maravic who has 30 years’ experience working in neurological departments across Europe. ‘It can make it especially difficult to switch off.’

The result of all this, according to a 2015 survey by data research firm Zarca, is that 65 per cent of people in the UAE don’t sleep enough. ‘Sleep deprivation is a neglected area which can cause major health and social issues,’ said Javed Farooqui, executive director, at the time […]

During a good night’s sleep, we will experience both the NREM and REM phases about seven or eight times each in an alternating cycle. It is, however, when the number of these cycles is consistently reduced – because we are not asleep long enough – that the health dangers begin. As Dr von Maravic nicely puts it: ‘cutting down the cycles means not giving your body and brain the chance to do all the work they need done.’ We are, essentially, waking up and starting again with our hardware still damaged and slowed from the day before […]

‘Following a good sleep routine and having a healthy sleep environment can make all the difference in, firstly, getting to sleep, and, secondly, ensuring that is really excellent quality sleep,’ says Dr von Maravic.

Key to that is ensuring your bedroom is designed to be sleep-inducing: quiet, dark and cool (60 to 75°F is the ideal). Spend some time getting a mattress and bedding that feels right. Perhaps most importantly, remember the function of this room is to rest. Keeping work materials out will help it become a space of relaxation, while avoiding eating smelly food will maintain its freshness.

Establishing a pre-bed routine is important as well – ‘to ease the transition from wake time to sleep time,’ says Dr von Maravic.”

The article was originally published in Gulf News | Friday Magazine | Colin Drury | 9 Jun 2017

Sleep Disorders – Insomnia – Dubai

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