Alshabab Magazine : Chronic Jealousy!

alsada jaredChronic Jealousy!

I’m a very jealous type, my jealousy persist till my marriage. I’m now divorced and I admitted that my extreme jealousy over my husband was the reason. I used to search after him and doubt his each and every action. I now regrets it though and wants to get back to him, but my pride won’t allow me. What would you advise me with? Amel – Egypt

You Answer this questions!

Since this jealousy seems to be disruptive to your life I think it would be worth seeking some one-to-one counseling for yourself.  It might help to stop using the word jealous.  This is a word that can have many meanings.  Let me give you another example.  Often, people use the word stressed.  This could mean I have a headache or it could mean I have panic attacks or it could mean I have road rage when driving.  Jealousy can mean many things but the first thing I would look at is what are you afraid of?  Do you fear being alone?  Are you able to trust other people? When was the first time their trust was broken?  As you can see these questions can be answered and you can gain a sense of power by discovering what led to this jealous feelings.  If you just call is jealousy then the task is about will power.  In other words, don’t be jealous and don’t check up on people.  When we rely on will power we often fail.  Have you explore the feelings that power this behavior and I would expect you to be on the way to be jealousy free.

Jared Alden , Counselor