9 questions to ask before considering adoption – Dubai Psychologist, Lavina Ahuja, speaks to Gulf News

If biological babies are not on the cards – sometimes it’s a choice one makes – adoption could be. But, taking on a child not biologically yours can prove challenging. We asked the experts about things to consider before making that commitment. Here’s what they had to say.

Why do you want a child?

Lavina Ahuja, clinical psychologist at the German Neuroscience Center, says both partners need to think about this. Why do you want to adopt? Is it because you want a child or because you want to be parent? Or is it because you feel it will change your dynamics or relationship with the world? […]

Parenting style

Ahuja says, “Both partners need to be on the same page about what they want for their child- how are they going to discipline the child? How do they have conversations about feelings and emotions? Sleep?”

The adoption process

The adoption process has its unique challenges. “Do you know what they might be? Are you and your partner prepared to face the challenges together? How can you try to make sure you can do it together?”

The child

Besides, says Ahuja, “What do you know about some of the unique challenges faced by children who come home through adoption? Do you have any negative preconceptions about children who are adopted? Are you prepared for any of the challenges you might face? How can you prepare for them? This question needs to be thought about carefully- be specific in your answers and in your scenarios. Come up with strategies and tools.”


Everybody has an idea of what they’d life to look like – and it’s best to sort out what your expectations from a child are before you lug him/her into your life. Consider, says Ahuja, “What are your hopes and aspirations for your child? Would you want to let them know they are adopted? When do you plan to let them know (if they don’t know)? How? What is the plan for the future? “ […]

The full and original article was published in Gulf News