81% of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers are misdiagnosed by GP, study reveals

Shocking results – 81% misdiagnosed by GP, up to 3 years till right diagnosis was found, up to 4 GP visits before referred to a neurologist – The MS Society conducted a survey of over 1,500 people with MS:

81% of patients misdiagnosed by GP

Most common misdiagnoses: Trapped nerve (28%), Depression or anxiety or stress (14%), Stroke (11%)

Waiting time after first GP visit till right diagnosis was found

20% of the people waited between 1 and 3 years till the right diagnosis was found.

GP visits before referred to a neurologist

25% of the people visited the GP at least 4 times before the GP referred to a neurologist

Michelle Mitchell, CEO at the MS Society: “It’s important for GPs to recognise the warning signs and refer people promptly to a consultant neurologist who can then make an accurate diagnosis.”

Dubai Neurologist KriegerProf. Dr. med Krieger, Senior Consultant in Neurology at the GNC: “For a GP it can be very difficult to diagnose early MS. MS can present itself in many different ways. Some early symptoms can easily be mistaken for other, more common conditions. Some examples: Visual problems, pain behind the eye, Tingling, Numbness, Pain, Muscle weakness or stiffness, Fatigue.

Early diagnosis is crucial as the long-term prognosis is influenced by it. Moreover it is an additional burden for the patients to be misdiagnosed or undiagnosed over years. Patients are suffering mentally and physically. We have to raise awareness and end this needless suffering.”

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