73% of insomniacs cured after 1-h therapy – without drugs

A simple one-hour Psychotherapy session including “Stimulus Control” techniques has helped to cure 73% of people suffering from acute insomnia, according to a new study published in the international journal SLEEP.

The study was led by Jason Ellis, a Professor of Sleep Science in Northumbria University’s Department of Psychology. Professor Ellis is also the Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research.

The study showed how powerful Psychotherapy in the treatment of acute insomnia is. No individual received any medication at all.

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Professor Ellis said: “There are numerous advantages to treating insomnia during an acute phase. If successful there is potential for significant savings in terms of long-term healthcare, lost productivity and accidents. This becomes more pertinent when the costs associated with other illnesses, such as depression, for which insomnia is known to be a risk factor, are taken into account.”

Northumbria University achieved one of the largest rises in research rated as ‘world-leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. 73% of all Psychology-related research from the University has been rated as ‘world-leading’ in terms of impact bringing societal, cultural and economic benefit.