Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Dubai

Children are our future, therefore the essential members of our society. To provide ourselves with the healthy future and happy and carefree lives of our children, we have opened a professional department at GNC focusing on child and adolescent mental health.

Through expert diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of mental health conditions in children and adolescents, we are offering high standards of clinical care fostered by our Doctor’s clinical knowledge and expertise. We provide a patient-centred holistic approach for children and adolescents who are facing difficulties with their own well-being and support for the parents and family. We have a team of staff and clinicians who are understanding, empathic and non-judgemental selected for their passion for what they do. This team consists of Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Social workers and nurses. We offer a range of therapies and services based on a careful assessment of each young person and work in a collaborative manner to develop a meaningful care plan with clear and achievable goals. Our team is trained to take a multicultural approach in their work. Languages available are English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish, Spanish and German.


Our child psychiatrist and clinical psychologist excel in management of all psychiatric disorders, with a special interest and areas of expertise in the treatment and management of the following conditions (but not limited to):

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• Attention deficit (hyperactivity disorder) (ADHD/ADD)
• Autism spectrum disorders
• Depression
• Tourette syndrome
• Obsessive compulsive disorder
• Enuresis & Soiling
• Anxiety and mood disorder
• Phobias
• Behavioural (disruptive) disorders with social difficulties
• Relationship problems, family conflicts
• Specific learning difficulties, School refusal
• Eating disorders
• Stress related problems
• Self-harm
• Bereavement and grief
• Adjustment disorders (reactions to specific life events eg divorce, remarriage, bereavement, Trauma)
• Anger with an inappropriate expression of negative emotions

Diagnosis & Treatment

We offer a wide range of services to diagnose and treat these conditions:

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• Psychological and Psychiatric Assessment
• Psychometric testing (IQ testing)
• Psychotherapy (talk therapy)
• Cognitive behavioural therapy
• Play therapy
• Parental Coaching, Education and Support
• Emotional regulation
• Anxiety management
• Systematic Desensitisation
• Family Therapy


When you call the clinic, you will be offered an appointment time for an initial consultation. This is an opportunity for the clinician to start to get to know more about your child and family situation to identify what the key difficulties are and to gather information that will help us to assess, diagnose and treat your child.

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We then take a collaborative approach to develop a care plan with the support of the multi-disciplinary team. We are here to support the children and parents, we talk you through the best care plan available and ensure that all concerned are informed, comfortable and at ease with all the options. We then deliver the most appropriate therapy for your child within a family-friendly environment. Parental and family involvement is central to any treatment program.

Our Team Of Experts

Since more than ten years GNC is the leading clinic for Psychiatry in the UAE. All our Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are German Board Certified and have vast experience in diagnosing and treating child and adolescent mental disorders. If you are searching for the most trusted Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, you came to the right place.


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