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    Acute Reaction to Stress

    Acute stress disorders. Extreme life events may produce individual patterns of reaction. Such events might be the death of a partner, war, experiences, separation, accidents, experience of violence, traumata or abuse. To some people this might be the case even with simple things like attendance of school, a move or likewise. Of course it is only natural for a person confronted with a stressful event to feel sad, shocked or unable to understand what is happening.

    However, if this reaction takes too long or does not stop at all or the reaction in itself is inadequate to the event thus leading to an increased impairment of the person concerned, this person needs professional help. The reactions to life events can be manifold producing for instance restricted consciousness, decreased attention, disorientation, amnesia or depression, desperation, anxiety or aggression but also bodily symptoms like sweating, heart throbbing and blushing are common.

    If the reaction occurs immediately after the event and disappears fairly rapidly, this is called acute reaction to stress. This is a normal reaction. However, depending on the severity of the symptoms professional help may be needed for a short time.

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