In their anatomical course through the body and the limbs nerves might be damaged in various ways, the cause of damage most often being traumatic. Symptoms of nerve damage may be prickling, numbness and pain but also palsy or disorders of the bladder or the rectum. Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints today. Up to 80% of the US-Population will suffer from back pain at least ones in their lives. Back pain or lumbar pain is the largest cause of work-related absence in the United Kingdom.

Very often nerves are trapped at the spinal cord, the backbone or in their course to the limbs. The reason for this may be some injury, a slipped disk or the trapping of a nerve in a bony or connective tissue canal. A typical example is the carpal tunnel syndrome.

What to do? Prior to surgical decompression therapy, reliable neurological diagnostic methods should be applied to locate the damage exactly. Symptomatic therapy including physiotherapy and special back pain therapy might also be of help.