First of all: Thanks to everybody who filled out the short questionnaire after your appointment. We know that you are most probably bothered with a lot of surveys. Each restaurant, hotel or shopping center will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. It is time consuming and you may wonder if anybody reads it anyway. BUT:

“Your feedback is seriously important to us. You are the biggest help to improve our performance!”

Let’s be honest. Everybody makes mistakes, be it in personal or professional life. Therefore also a company or clinic needs feedback to highlight weaknesses and to improve the performance. Sometimes it might be challenging but we truly believe that we can only grow from it.

And we did! With your help we could achieve an amazing overall satisfaction of 98%! We are very proud of this but we still need your further input to keep it up. Therefore we reduced our survey to the 5 most essential questions, so it takes only a few seconds to fill it out. Try it on your next visit.

Thanks again,
Your GNC Team

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Statistics might be biased. The survey is not compulsory. Patients have the right not to fill out the survey. GNC, German Neuroscience Center (Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling in Dubai, UAE)