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  • Your Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Counsellors in Dubai, UAE

    You are searching for a Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists or Counsellors in Dubai?

    You came to the right place. Please find more information about our Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Counsellors in Dubai, UAE, by clicking on the pictures of the doctors above.

    Our uniqueness is not only being based in a top location or being equipped with the latest technology. With our outstanding experienced professors and doctors of neurology, psychiatry, psychology and counselling we are confident to provide healthcare which is beyond comparison here in the region.

    Our physicians are internationally recognized specialists which you wouldn’t expect in a regular outpatient clinic. A patient satisfaction proves that.

    Most of our Neurologists are working in Germany as head of departments of university hospitals or owning their own clinics. Therefore these award-winning physicians are available on visiting basis only. Meaning, it can happen that you see on a follow-up appointment another German Professor or Doctor. With this system we can offer you 6 days a week 12hours a day a leading Neurologist from Germany.

    Our Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors are permanently based in Dubai.

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